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In this second part, we continue our discussion on an indigenous conception of agriculture and treat some hands on techniques for working with Earth to co-create 

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I interview Steven Martyn, one of the most radical, visionary innovators in agriculture that I have ever met:

"After three decades of co-creative growing, healing, building, and teaching about traditional ways of working with the Earth, I've come to realize we so easily reduce Indigenous arts (like agriculture) to simple techniques.  In our overly technical approach we diminish both the magic of these arts and the culture they came from. The magic of these arts is in the approach, in the way we see and move with the land from the first moment. When we follow that thought down its rabbit hole, the western mind quickly comes to a dilemma, because we need to be both learned and unlearned....

"It's only from a place of humility that we can start a real dialogue with the land and begin to grasp how these brilliant Indigenous arts work. Simply said, these practices are a covenant that form a bridge between the wild world that sustains us, and the human world"

~Steven Martyn, The Sacred Gardener

Join me and my guest as we discuss science and rationality, and new, yet utterly old, ways of knowing.

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