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The End of the Road Show, 20 May, Plague Year I

EnlightenRadio.org hosts the End of the Road show live on Wednesday Mornings, 9 AM EST

This show focuses on Help and Recovery in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

WV Senator John Unger is a special guest, as we discuss the local health, welfare and economic imacts of the pandemic, and its associated economic depression.

The End of the Road Team: John Case, Mike Diesel, Larry Bish, JB Christensen, James Boyd

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The Talkin Socialism Show airs LIVE weekly on Fridays at 9 AM on www.enlightenradio.org,  simulcast on YouTube.

This week features Cathy Kunkel (D), and Matthew Hahn (R) are both campaigning to rid us of "Where's Alex?" Mooney, an ALEC/Trump suck up.


John Case, JB Christensen and Mike Diesel host.

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James Boyd testifies on Recovery Radio to the damage heaping on the recovery community from the pandemic scourge.

From Martinsburg, WV, a hotspot in the opioid epidemic that preceded (perhaps predicted) the COVID pandemic).

Recorded on www.Enlightenradio.org, live on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, 9AM EST. Send email to host@enlightenradio.org if you want an invite or call in.


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John Case and John Christensen, old partners on the Legendary Labor Beat Show for 9 years in Shepherdstown, host the new Talkin' Socialism show on Enlighten Radio. The show airs live on Fridays, 9 AM. We use a virtual studio via Zoom. If you would like to call in to the program, send me an email (host@enlightenradio.org, or message me (John Case: https://www.facebook.com/john.d.case), and I will send an invite if the live show is call-in.


This program aired April 3 via the virtual studio in Bolivar/Harpers Ferry, WV. We open with an interview with Joe Sims, Co-Chair of the Communist Party, USA, and author of "The fight of our lives" a recent piece on the dramatic crisis surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and deep recession already under way. We ask him about the "socialist moment" he sees. 

The second half of the program is a discussion with Tony Russo about Whither the Sanders Campaign in this strange political terrain of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.


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James Boyd and John Case return to Recovery Radio, LIVE Tuesdays, 9AM on Enlighten Radio

As plague spreads across the land, and the economy does a dead cat bounce -- the people are sent home, ordered to shelter. But do they have safe shelter? Do they have food, after the last check. Heat? Power? 

Are the necessities of life in shelter temporarily unobtainable?


Here is our first episode, getting used to remote broadcasting our studio via Zoom. 

Check out our theme song while listening: https://youtu.be/H-kA3UtBj4M

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James Boyd and Vickey Wilshire discuss violence and politics on Recovery Radio. Broadcast 8.9.19 at Enlighten Radio in Bolivar, WV

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This episode of Recovery Radio was broadcast Enlighten Radio on April 9, 2019 at Noon.


The host of the show is James Boyd, who can be reached at boydbw@msn.com



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Recorded Live on Enlightenradio.org April 2, 2013. 

James Boyd is the host

Today's show features an interview with Samantha (Sammi) Brown, a community activist and now Jefferson County, West Virginia's Delegate to the WV House of Delegates. She reports on unfinished work on the states response to the opioid epidemic, as well as her freshman experiences as our hard working and straight talking state rep.

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More news from the addiction epidemic -- the March 26 2013 edition from the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia


James Boyd is host: boydbw@msn.com

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The Mar 12 Show, featuring the latest from the front lines of the opioid epidemic in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia

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