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Addiction and Politics -- the Connection


James Boyd on EnlightenRadio.org, recorded Oct 23, 2018 at the Red Caboose Studio in Bolivar, West Virginia.



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That's right, Friends. We did it again. Mike Diesel roared thru the Silence of the Osso Bucco Lamb Shanks. Only one squeak from Dr Lechter, and a shout out from Prez Kim Jung Un. Too bad for JB, who bailed for a football game--still a 'right' in America, if you got the ticket. But after a classic 'anger management' episode from Mike provoked by None Other than the Jefferson County Hound-dog from Peg Leg Lane in Shepherdstown, Mr. Bill, we got started on the Menu Below for "Dinner Out" , October 25, 2018, Bolivar, West Virginia, and 



10-25-18 Radio Program




(In case you like our rundown on the universe, but you don't want to explain why to your boss, just say: "Don't mind them...", they're just kidding.)




Appetizer:  New Dim Sum:  "A Bomb in Your LibTard Mailbox"


Salad:  Release the Nukes!


Main Course: A Sampler of Debates


Sorbet: My Sisters and My Brothers from Railroad Earth


Dessert: Bonesaw Sherbert

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OK Folks, a revolution in talk radio is emerging on Enlighten Radio. The somewhat disorganized, but motivated battalions of Resistance are on the rails to the polls, as are Thumper and His Fools. 


JB, Mike Diesel and John Case, representing 180 years of the Stones, the Dead, Bob Marley and Dylan styles approach to politics and culture, and other gifted folks who join us, as we expand our dining in the Eastern Panhandle of  West Virginia, are having  "Dinner Out"


Simultaneously the NAME IS IN PROGRESS Program runs through a menu of weekly themes and courses,  and we see beneath the waves to the continental shifts erupting in our fave restaurant. Do not be concerned about occasional appearances on the Program by Dr. Hannibal Lechter, President Kim Jong Un, and Rush Limbaugh.


Below is the player for the podcast, and the Menu. SEND FEEDBACK  




Listen to us LIVE, and join in on our call in line 304-885-0708, 

Thursdays, 6 PM

on www.enlightenradio.org, and THIS LINK.





Cocktail: A Jerry Garcia moment
"What's the Name of this Bar?"
"No Name Yet"
Appetizer: Rockwool Rarebit
Soup: Bernie Sanders on Foreign Policy
Main Course: Joe Manchin, Labor and the Democratic Party
sorbet: Railroad Earth
Desert: Voting -- Our Friends call

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This episode of Recovery Radio was broadcast on www.enlightenradio.org 10.16.18 at the Red Caboose Studio in Bolivar, West Virginia.


The show regularly airs at 11 AM on Tuesdays, and is hosted by James Boyd. James can be reached at boydbw@msn.com. The call in line for the station is 304-885-0708. When we answer you will be on the air.


Todays theme song  is My Way, by Frank Sinatra, and the subject is: After the Emergency Room, Then What?

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This episode of Recovery Radio was broadcast Oct 9, 2018 on EnlightenRadioi.org at the Red Caboose studio in  Bolivar, WV. James Boyd is the host. For a change James and engineer John Case talk the politics, or not, of opioid recovery in the Eastern Panhandle of WV.


The program airs weekly yat 10 AM at www.enlightenradio.org, or streaming at this link: knight.wavestreamer.com:5861/Live

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Opening with Trouble Man by Marvin Gaye, James Boyd revisits the theme of "After Rehab, then what?". Huge challenges remain if the curse of addiction is to find a cure


This episode of Recovery Radio was recorded Sept 25, 2018 at the Red Caboose Studio in Bolivar, WV. The show airs weekly on www.enlightenradio.org at 11 AM Tuesdays. The show is hosted by James Boyd, who can be reached at boydbw@msn.com.

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